Our Clients

Our clients are also our neighbors and working closely with our tents!

We know that the quality of life each resident experiences while living in our properties is dependent upon caring and talented management. As such, our priorities are focused upon providing responsive service, maintaining the property in a meticulous manner, and staying

Our Approach

JKB SERVICES, LLC prides itself on a proactive approach to management services which allows us to anticipate and deal with difficulties and situations before they happen.

We view our roles as customer service specialist. We always ensure that the right choices are made to accomplish the needs and goals of our clients, and residents.

Our Experiences

Our knowledgeable and experienced staff is available to help you with renting an apartment and managing your home. We love what we do and are always excited to work closely with our customers to make sure you’re as happy about living in your apartment as we are about having you as tents.

JKB Services

JKB is a full-service multifamily property management company that specializes in the management, marketing and leasing of investment rental properties. Our award-winning staff and advanced technology enables our multifamily property management services to be more affordable and economically advantageous for our rental property.


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Below you will find rental information and requirements for residential property.